Where can I buy A.R.T. Furniture products?

An A.R.T. Furniture authorized dealer is the only way to buy our furniture. We invite you to visit one of our authorized dealers to experience the A.R.T. product in person. To find a dealer in your area, please view our “Where To Buy” page.

Where can I get pricing on A.R.T. product?

Pricing is available through your A.R.T. Furniture authorized dealer.

Can I buy A.R.T. product direct?

A.R.T. Furniture does not sell directly to consumers. The product line is sold through authorized dealers only. If you are a consumer and are looking find a dealer in your area or you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, please provide your information on our Contact page. 

Where can I find discontinued pieces?

Your authorized dealer has access to a listing of all discontinued items and quantities. Please provide them with the collection name and item you are looking for and they will be able to assist you with availability information.

How can I obtain parts for my furniture?

If you are in need of replacement parts, please contact the dealer where the product was originally purchased and the dealer will be able to put in a request for you directly.

Can I order custom designed furniture?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make a single piece of custom designed furniture for a customer. If you’d like, please share your ideas with your authorized dealer so that they may share them with us. We do appreciate feedback and keep these things in mind when designing new collections