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Get ready for guest with these 6 tips!

The holidays are here and you know what that means: it's time to welcome family into your home for a few days...or maybe even a few weeks. If you feel unprepared for guests, don't panic! A.R.T. Furniture has put together a list of helpful tips to get your home ready for loved ones. 

1. Stock up on mini toiletries

How many times have you packed a weekend bag and then later realized you forgot your shampoo or toothpaste? It happens to the best of us, and it might happen when family comes to stay. Stock up on bottles of mini shampoo, conditioner and soap that guests can use. Keep a spare toothbrush in the vanity drawer. Visitors will appreciate your thoughtful gesture (and they'll be glad they don't have to go out and shop). 

2. Provide storage space

No one wants to live out of their suitcase. Help visitors feel right at home by allowing them to unpack and put away their belongings. A little closet space lets family hang up their clothes and keep them wrinkle-free. Clear out a couple of drawers for pants, sweaters and the remainder of their travel accessories.  

3. Add a few comforting touches to the guest room

A candle, fresh plant, cozy rug — all of these simple accessories can have a big impact in the guest room. While you don't want to overdecorate (because everybody's taste differs), small comforting touches can at least transform your spare space into a welcoming and stylish guest room. 

4. Bring in entertainment

For long visits, it's important that everyone has space to rejuvenate and relax. Consider bringing a TV into the guest room or placing a stack of books on the table. A radio/CD player is also a nice touch. When your parents or siblings want some time to themselves, they'll appreciate having the entertainment options.

5. Fold up some extra blankets

A good night's sleep will keep your guests happy and energized. To ensure loved ones sleep comfortably each night, place a few folded blankets at the foot of the bed. That way, guests can easily add more warmth if needed without having to search for the extra blankets themselves. 

6. Set up a chair or two

When guests need a break from the crowd, they'll appreciate having a cozy chair to relax on and read, listen to music or watch TV without distraction. If you don't have the time or space for a larger upholstered accent chair, set up a simple folding chair in the bedroom instead. You can place a pillow on the seat for cushioning. 

Help family feel right at home by setting up a space with their needs in mind. A successful family visit ensures everyone is happy and content over the holidays. 

 Happy Holidays From A.R.T. Furniture